The benefits of reading

Many people recognize the benefits of reading books and the importance of this activity for personal development. However, observations show that reading people every year becomes less and less. It was this paradox that served as a stimulus for writing an article about the benefits of reading and the influence of books on a person. The influence of the book on a person On the Internet, a popular quote, which, of course, met and you: Those who read books will always control those who watch TV.

Yuri Dud

Yury Dud is a Russian journalist, video blogger, television and radio host. Deputy General Director of the publication "". The presenter of the author's Internet show on the YouTube channel "vDud", in which he interviews various famous personalities. As of February 2019, the channel has 4.7 million subscribers, whose number continues to grow rapidly.

Interesting facts and sayings of Socrates

Everyone knows the wise ancient philosopher Socrates (469 - 399 BC. E). Only here the interesting facts from his biography are not familiar to everyone, even an educated person. We offer you some of the most memorable facts and sayings of Socrates. It is authentically known that the philosopher was distinguished by his physical bearing and was very careful about his physical health.

Brain and nervous system

Various processes constantly occur in the human body: blood circulation, digestion, respiration, etc. And if we consciously controlled them, then we would simply have no time left for anything else. Fortunately, the human body has its own control center, which is responsible for all key activities and life processes.

Earth Myths

Today, there are many misconceptions and myths that people believe in. And the point here is not always in ignorance. Just some scientific facts have become known only recently. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for schools to hear outdated data about certain things and phenomena on planet Earth.

Evgeny Martynov

Yevgeny Martynov - Soviet pop singer and composer, the elder brother of the composer Yuri Martynov. Over the years of his biography, Yevgeny Martynov received many prestigious awards both at home and abroad. Despite the fact that the composer died about 30 years ago, his songs are still popular.

Popular Posts

Popular Posts

Mutual exchange rule

Did you ever have to act against your will just because you felt like a debtor to a begging person? Surely yes. This is because all of us, consciously or not, interact with one another according to the same rule of psychology: the rule of mutual exchange. If you are fond of self-development of personality, then this rule is simply necessary to know.

Johann Goethe

Johann Goethe - an outstanding German writer, poet, thinker, philosopher and naturalist, statesman. The works of Goethe, especially the tragedy Faust, are recognized as masterpieces of German and world literature. The genius of the thinker lay in his amazing versatility and depth of knowledge. There are many ambiguous points in the biography of Goethe that you can find out right now.

Friedrich Schiller

Friedrich Schiller - German poet, philosopher, art theorist and playwright, professor of history and military doctor. He entered the history of literature as one of the brightest representatives of humanism. There are many interesting facts in Schiller’s biography. Take, for example, the fact that for the last 17 years of his life he was close friends with another great German figure, Johann Goethe.

6 methods for self-study of English

Surely each of you has repeatedly tried to learn English. After all, but today it is the language of international communication! However, lack of consistency, laziness, everyday worries and many other reasons did not allow you to advance in this matter at least at any significant level.

Van Gogh Pictures

Here are the paintings of Van Gogh. I must say that in general, Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the most expensive artists in the world. That is, not himself, but his paintings. In the biography of Van Gogh, we talked about the difficult fate of the artist and his tragic demise. Here we just bring to your attention his paintings, which entered the history of world art.

Zhanna Kalman

Jeanne Louise Kalman is a French super-long-haired, the oldest person who ever lived on Earth, whose birth and death data are documented. He is the only person in the world who has managed to live for over 120 years, with official confirmation. During the years of her biography, a woman set several records and was able to enter her name in golden letters in the list of the oldest people in history.

What is the human body

Every educated person should know what the human body is made of. At least in general terms. After all, all the interesting facts about a person have their own attractiveness, since this is information about us. We have already told interesting facts about the structure of man, but now it will be more about the biochemical composition of our body.

The Case of Emperor Vespasian

After Nero, Vespasian was the emperor of the Roman Empire. This former commander was a simple but, at the same time, intelligent and incredibly intellectually flexible person. However, he terribly disliked effeminate men, who overly scrupulously followed their appearance. The ancient writers have kept interesting historical facts about this outstanding statesman.

Why sausage is cut at an angle

Have you ever thought about why sausage is cut at an angle? Seeing sausage cuts in the shops and watching how all the housewives, as if by agreement with each other, cut the sausage necessarily at an angle, that is, with ovals, and not in even circles, involuntarily think about the plot. Maybe there is some kind of secret?

Socialism and Capitalism in simple words

Since time immemorial, capitalism and socialism have been hostile to each other. Previously, they had other names, and they looked a little different, although the essence remained the same. Nowadays, lovers of various interesting facts ask: what is the difference between socialism and capitalism? If you give an answer in a scientific style, it can take a lot of time.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is a French fashion designer who founded the fashion house of Chanel and significantly influenced the European fashion of the last century. The world famous perfume "Chanel №5", produced by her company, does not lose its popularity today. In this article we will describe the features of Coco Chanel’s biography, as well as the most interesting facts from her life.

Interesting facts about Kostroma

Interesting facts about Kostroma and its sights will make you fall in love with this city. There are many natural and architectural monuments. Kostroma is also famous for jewelry made by talented craftsmen. Many tourists come here who want to see with their own eyes one of the oldest cities in Russia, founded in the 12th century.